Online Registration 

Please note your application will only be accepted if you include a contact telephone number 

We are using a new online service called Register with a GP surgery that makes it easy to register with The Loughton Practice.

You do not need proof of address or immigration status, ID or an NHS number.

The service is designed and run by the NHS, so your personal information is safe. It cuts our administrative workload and makes it easier for you to register.

Paper forms are still available if you need one. See in person registration below for details

Please click on the link for a map of our practice catchment area. You can still register even if you are not in the catchment area Loughton Surgery catchment area 

In Person Registration 

Please complete the GMS1 form and New patient check form for each family member.

GMS 1 form 
New Patient check form (Adult) 
New patient check form (Child/ young person <18 years)

Once we receive your forms, it will take 7 days to process, after which you are welcome to book an appointment.

Please note if you are registering a child below the age of 7 years old please ensure you bring a copy of the child red book or immunisation history so we can take a copy for our records.

To access our online services including appointment and prescription reminders by text message or to activate your online account, you will need to provide proof of your address and photo identity.